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The points-based system is the biggest shake-up of the immigration system for 45 years. The system will replace over 80 existing routes to work and study in the United Kingdom with five tiers. The system allows British businesses to recruit the skills they need from abroad while providing assurances to the British public that only those migrants we need will be able to come to the United Kingdom.

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  • UK Visa applications
  • Further leave to Remain & Settlement
  • UK Citizenship
  • Nurse & Carer Recruitment
  • UK Point Based System

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Visa Link Limited  is authorized to provide immigration advice and services by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) Ref. No. F200900133.

We can provide detailed legal advice and guidance on all of the following:

For Doctors, Nurses, Students and UK Based Employers

We can assist you with many immigration matters that relate to your organisations, including:

  •     Tier 2/Work Permits, Extensions and Changes of Employment
  •     Assisting with Employment Visa application
  •     Highly skilled staff recruitment in various positions including Senior Carer, Assistant Carer
  •     Point Based System Preparation and Administration

For Private Individuals:

For individual outside the UK, we can assist with  UK visa applications. We can quickly help and prepare your application and supporting documents for a very affordable price. Below are the types of Visas/Entry Clearance applications that we can help you with:

  •     Application for UK Visa as a Tourist
  •     Application for UK Visa as a Family Visitor
  •     Application for UK Visa as a Student
  •     Application for UK Visa under Non-settlement Categories

For individual inside the UK, we can assist with  UK visa application. The following is a list of the main services we offer for individual who live in the UK:

  •     Assisting with Indefinite Leave to Remain and Leave to Remain applications
  •     Extension to stay as spouse of a person settled in the UK, as aTier 2/ work permit holder, and as a Tier 4 student
  •     Assisting of   switching   from Tier  4 Students to Tier 2.
  •     Assisting with British Citizenship applications and British Passport applications
  • Assisting  for  Certifying Permanent Residence as an EEA and Permanent Residence  application as a  spouse  of an EEA.

If you would like us to discuss or manage an application on your behalf, please contact us.

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