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Visa Link Limited (VLL) was founded in 2009 as a Private Limited Company to provide Clients and Candidates with access to a professional and comprehensive immigration advisory and management service and international employment consultancy.


Visa Link Limited will predominantly act as the primary intermediary between Clients and overseas Candidates seeking entry clearance into the UK mainly for employment or study in accordance with Immigration Rules and will implement strict quality assurance procedures to ensure Clients, Candidates and related third parties satisfy the rules and codes of conduct relative to the type of entry clearance required. We can offer services personalised to all types of entry clearance for those individuals seeking a Visa to enter into the UK.


Only suitably qualified, experienced Candidates who meet the current Points Based System requirements of the Home Office/UK Border Immigration Agency are likely to be successful in making a visa application.


Visa Link Limited (VLL) aims to increase its customer base over the longer term by expanding the range of business sectors and services provided inside and outside of the UK. Feedback on our services is most welcome and should you wish to enquire with regard to any bespoke service not currently listed we would willingly consider your requirements.


The points-based system is the biggest shake-up of the immigration system for 45 years. The system will replace over 80 existing routes to work and study in the United Kingdom with five tiers. The system allows British businesses to recruit the skills they need from abroad while providing assurances to the British public that only those migrants we need will be able to come to the United Kingdom.



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  • UK Visa applications
  • Further leave to Remain & Settlement
  • UK Citizenship
  • Nurse & Carer Recruitment
  • UK Point Based System

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